Documents may be sent to MST Editing attached to email.  Large files can be sent using a website such as Hightail.

The email address is:

The Mailing Address is:

William F. Goldman, Ph.D.
MST Editing Company
1306 Southview Road
Baltimore, MD 21218-1425 USA
Fax: +1-410-235-4353

Please include the following information:

Name, Address, Telephone/Fax, and email address. Include the document title and the name of the journal you plan to submit the finished document. Also include the Computer Operating System installed on your computer, the Word Processor Program you are using and the version number. Finally, please state the method of payment you plan to use.

  • Reservations may be made in advance. Many times this will reduce the return time for finished documents.
  • Document files may be formatted for any major PC or Macintosh word processor (e.g. Microsoft Word, Word Perfect).
  • Documents are edited in the next available time slot in the order they are received. Documents are then returned to the authors via email or regular mail (costs for express mail are paid by the authors).
“Thank you very much again for your great help.”
Kenji Kuwasako, M.D., Ph.D.
First Department of Internal Medicine
Miyazaki Medical College, University of Miyazaki